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Beach Training in Goa

One Arm/One Leg Push-Up at Mandrem Beach in Goa, India. Last day before leaving India Elroy Vaz (KMG Director India) took me to Mandrem Beach and I just had to get one per side on video at that beautiful beach. Thank you Elroy for hosting me During the KMG GIC part 2. You did an […]

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Goblet squat with the 60 kg kettlebell

Decided that enough was enough with the feeling sick that i write in my last blog post (this morning) and went for some grinds while coaching the Kettlebell class at Tenacity Kettlebells. It felt good and the goblet squats were quite easy. • Goblet squat, 3 x 5 @ 60 kg • One arm/one leg […]

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Gray Cook and Brett Jones on the dead lift

Here is a really good video on dead lift patterning and variations made by Gray Cook and Brett Jones. Really good stuff in here!

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Nasty 15

Skärmavbild 2012-09-27 kl. 10.34.50

Here is a practice that we usually do at Tenacity – Kettlebells First of all, make sure that you know how to do the lifts in a safe way before you try to do them in a practice like this one! Move well, then move much – Gray Cook I came up with the name […]

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Lifting a car – Video

As long as the small cars like the Smart I have wanted to try to lift one and when I was in Germany teaching an HKC and a Krav Maga seminar I got the chance to try it. I tried and managed to lift it a few times, not high, but still… It is a […]

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First Primal Move Fundamentals in the United States – Video

On October 28th I’ll be teaching the first official Primal Move Fundamentals instructor course in the United States. It is an honor to be able to help spread this wonderful system to professionals and the public. I can’t wait to get to Texas and get the course started! Here is a video about Primal Move […]

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60 kg Get up and Training log – 2012-08-07 (Video)

Back home in Sweden after 10 days in Germany, teaching the last part of the KMG GIC (General Instructor Course) and the German KMG summer camp. Today I did some training while coaching kettlebell class and it looked like this. • Press, 2 x 1/1 @ 36 kg • Press, 1 x 3/3 @ 32 […]

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Awesome Slideshow of KMG P & G Camp in Denmark (Video)

Adam Lundquist of has put together an really good slideshow of the Krav Maga Global Practitioner & Graduate Level Camp at Krav Maga Center in Copenhagen Denmark 12 -19 of July, 2012. Enjoy it here! Thank you Adam for this video, it really captured the great feeling of the camps!

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Training log 2012-07-09 and a Primal Move video

Here is a great movie about Primal Move that was made at The crew up there is just awesome. My own training today has been like this – kettlebell press, 3 x 1/1 @ 32 kg – Clean, press, front squat, 15 x 1/1 @ 32 kg (grease the groove style) On sunday we […]

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Learn the Brettzels directly from Gray Cook (Video)

Here is a great video where Gray Cook shows and explains the Brettzel and the Brettzel 2.0 in detail. These stretches will help you move better, they are just awesome… Your over head work and shoulders will thank you! Sign up here to get updates!

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