Not a lot of training

I haven’t done a lot o f training lately, the rib has been holding me back from lifting. I could have been doing some light lifting but decided to keep it to a minimum for a while and just let the body recover and rest up for a while.Tomorrow I’ll go get the rib examined by the surgeons again, hopefully they’ll say it’s ok to start training again.

It started to feel better 3 days ago and I decided to do some military presses and front squats. I got one double military press done and then I felt the cold that started to set in tell me to put the bells down and go take a rest… so I did.

Yesterday I posted 2 new seminars that I’m teaching on the 12/2 and the 13/2. On the 12th I’ll be teaching a seminar about stretching and mobility for fighting (it’ll be beneficial for all though). The seminar on the 13th is a Krav Maga seminar and the focus will be on two subjects; how to avoid kidnapping and how to defend a 3rd party. You’ll find them in the Calendar at

The last weeks I’ve been eating a lot more daytime, I didn’t get my weight back after the fight so I decided to eat a lot more… I went LCHF on myself and have been shoveling bacon, eggs and cheese down my throat. The eating daytime has left me completely pacified on the couch for an hour after eating… I’ve gained weight in the right way but can’t wait to get back to Warrior Diet again. WD makes me feel great during the whole day and it keeps me at the same weight but It was hard for me to gain weight on WD.

I read this article from Ori Hofmekler a while back and will hit that after getting back to Warrior diet again… next week or the week after that…

Now its time to take the dog for a walk and then go teach some Krav Maga KMG-style – new papers has arrived and there’s some changes 🙂

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