Skill training with Eyal and Training log 2014-09-06


Right now I am at  KMG HQ training with Eyal Yanilov. Its always extremely inpiring and developing to train with Eyal and this time is no difference.

We are working on high level techniques at the same time constantly returning to basics that time and time again show themselves as integral parts of the advanced techniques.

Always make sure your basics are in order, your footwork, your punching, kicking and defenses, make sure you keep those sharp and you will always have a stable foundation that you can develop your more advanced skill on.

After todays session with Eyal I did some good old body weight training to continue developing strength.

Here’s what I did today.

– Tactical Pull Up, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2
– Pistol, 3+3, 2+2, 1+1
– One Arm Push Up, 3+3, 2+2, 1+1

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