Training log 2014-01-14

Squats feels better and better. I really enjoy exploring the movement patterns of the barbell lifts, finding the correct angles, the right groove and what suits my body in the barbell training. Experimenting with singles in the dead lift is definitely helping to find the correct groove.

At 41 my body has a few miles on it, a few bumps here and there so slow and steady progress with focus on form and movement is the correct way to go (as always).

Especially if I want it to bring me to a healthy strength that will stay with me for the rest of my life, and that… is the main goal.

• Back squat – low bar, 60×3/1, 90×3/5
• Bench press, 75×5/3
• Dead lift, 135×3/3, 135×1/5
Note: Weight in kg x reps/set

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